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Aussie Pumps Equipment at Auto Basics

Auto Basics is a proud seller, servicer, and repairer of Aussie Pumps products and equipment. Aussie Pumps specialises in high performance, self-priming centrifugal transfer pumps for a wide range of applications including water or chemical transfer, and fire fighting. Aussie Pumps also manufactures high-pressure cleaning equipment including cold water blasters, steam machines and drain cleaning jetters for tradesmen and cleaning professionals.

Our Honda Certified team are Canberra’s Honda specialists, and are experienced with those Aussie Pumps products featuring Honda four stroke engines.
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The Aussie quality difference 

  • Top quality engines
  • Outstanding performance
  • Self-prime from 7.6m
  • Real capability
  • HUGE closed impeller
  • Big belly body for fast priming
  • 2” inlet port to let more water in
  • Replaceable Suction pots
  • Metal caps and chains

Five-year warranty

All Aussie Quik Prime pumps are covered by an exclusive five-year warranty, a clear indicator of the company's confidence and the product's quality. 

This five-year warranty covers Aussie Quick Prime fire pumps, high pressure and low-pressure transfer pumps and the range of Aussie heavy duty trash pumps.

Our range

Fire, Trash, and Transfer Pumps

Renowned for their reliability in delivering high-quality pumps for applications including firefighting, irrigation, water transfer, trash removal, these versatile pumps are suitable for use in various environments ranging from the home to industrial, building and rural sites.
  • Aussie Ultralites 
  • Aussie Fire Fighting Pumps 
  • Aussie Transfer Pumps 
  • Aussie High Pressure Transfer Pumps 
  • Aussie Trash Pumps 
  • Aussie MQ 6" Skid Mounted Trash Pump 
  • Aussie MQ 6” Trash Pump
  • NEW: Aussie AP (Auto-Prime) Pump

Poly Pumps

Whether you need poly pumps for agricultural chemical transfer, diesel fuel transfer, fire fighting or another application, Auto Basics has your needs covered. 
  • Aussie Poly

Hydrostatic Testers

Confidently test pipelines, plumbing, gas cylinders, boilers and fuel tanks for strength and leaks with hydrostatic testers by Aussie Pumps here at Auto Basics. With faster filler rates and a smaller footprint, these hydrostatic testers provide owners with a lower operating cost.
  • High flow hydrostatic testers
  • High-pressure hydrostatic testers

Electric and Engine Drive Pressure Cleaners

With models for domestic cleaning, industrial application and everything in between, Aussie Pumps has all your pressure cleaner needs covered. The range of electric and engine drive pressure cleaners available at Auto Basics blast dirt, graffiti and more away in seconds. 
  • Domestic style cold water blasters (Aussie Black Box)
  • Single phase professional cold water blasters (Monsoon series) 
  • Three phase professional cold water blasters (Monsoon series) 
  • Industrial electric powered hydro-blasters 
  • Hydraulic drive cold water blasters 
  • High-speed engine drive cold water blasters (AB Series) 
  • Slow speed engine drive blasters 
  • Industrial engine drive hydro-blasters
  • Mobi-blast units

Steam Cleaners

A clean, tidy workshop projects not only looks professional, but it also gives your customers confidence and peace of mind in your competence. A hygienic workplace also goes a long way in empowering staff and improving team morale. Aussie Pumps steam cleaners make cleaning a breeze. 
  • Robust and simple electric steam cleaners (Stella series)
  • Professional electric steam cleaners (Super Indy & Admiral series) 
  • Engine drive self-contained steam cleaners (Hydrotek series) 
  • Trailer mounted steam cleaners (Hydrotek series)
  • Aussie Hydro-Loop — steam cleaner with recovery unit

Industrial Pumps

Aussie Pumps manufacture the GMP range of high-pressure industrial pumps for a range of applications. The self-priming pump series is designed for reliable solids and clear liquids pumping, offering superior performance and increased reliability. 
  • GMP electric drive cast iron semi trash pumps
  • GMP electric drive high pressure transfer pumps
  • GMP corrosion resistant electric drive transfer pumps
  • GMP ATEX certified electric drive transfer pumps
  • GMP cast iron hydraulic drive semi trash pumps
  • GMP corrosion resistant hydraulic drive transfer pumps
  • GMP bare shaft cast iron semi trash pumps
  • GMP bare shaft corrosion resistant pumps
  • GMP engine drive pumps

Drain Cleaning Equipment

The range of high-pressure drain cleaning equipment from Aussie Pumps has revolutionised the clearing of blocked drains. The Cobra and Python series of products make short work of drains blocked by tree roots, grease, and fat. They can even clear graffiti in no time at all.
  • Trolley mounted drain cleaning jetters (Cobra & Python series) 
  • Skid mounted drain cleaning jetters (Cobra & Python series)
  • Trailer mounted drain cleaning jetters (Cobra & Python series) 
  • Drain cleaning equipment accessories
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