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Auto Basics are part of Honda Marine’s specialised dealer network and are Honda Certified Technicians. Based in Fyshwick and serving all of Canberra, we professionally sell, fit, and maintain Honda’s range of four-stroke marine outboard engines.

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Reasons to Trust Your Honda

Unmatched Reliability

With a dedication to performance and innovation, Honda continuously delivers power with unmatched reliability. Honda builds engines that can be relied on to perform day in, day out.

Formula 1 Technology

Developed for Honda’s high-performance F1 sports cars, VTEC technology varies the lift and duration of the intake valves to provide optimum performance at both low and high RPM. Available on several high horsepower Honda outboards, VTEC delivers at low speeds, smooth, stable idling, with a reduction in fuel consumption, while increased valve lift at higher speeds broadens the torque curve and top end power.

Outstanding Fuel Economy

The Honda four-stroke technology ensures fuel consumption remains low without compromising on performance. Honda four-stroke outboards are around 50% more fuel efficient than conventional two-stroke models. Honda’s technology also reduces harmful exhaust emissions. 

Unrivalled Performance

Honda outboard engines integrate the most efficient systems and technologies for their power range, meaning you get exceptional speed and acceleration no matter what size you use, at any rpm. Honda’s four-stroke engines are clean, quiet, and economical.

Super Quiet Operation

All Honda four-stroke engines are powerful and fuel efficient while remaining quiet. With advanced engineering, exclusive Honda technologies and a pursuit of excellence, Honda will continue to offer high-quality which set the standard in engine technologies that are whisper quiet.

Environmentally Friendly

As pioneers of environmental technologies Honda have been experimenting with sustainable technologies since inception. Today, sustainability is still at the top of their agenda having pledged in 2011 to cut CO2 emissions made from all their global products by 2020 in comparison to 2000 levels.


Honda has a wealth of experience and commitment to precision manufacturing techniques which has allowed them to build a reputation for consistency. To back this up, Honda now provides a seven-year domestic warranty, and 3-year commercial warranty (conditions apply).
For more information, call our team of Honda Certified Technicians.
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