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 The Water Watch Experts in Fyshwick

Designed specifically for Common Rail Diesel, Water Watch will alert you with an audio-visual alarm, warning you that water is about to enter your fuel system. It’s patented diffuser system separates and removes water and other contaminants from your diesel and retains it in the glass bowl and has no impact on the fuel flow rate of the standard rail system. It’s suitable for use in motor vehicles, generators, marine motors, farming machinery, earth moving vehicles and many other applications.
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Is your diesel adequately protected from water ?

Did you know that the most common way to get water into a fuel system in through refueling? Once water gets into a conventional rail system, it causes significant damage requiring repairs that can cost anywhere from $7,000 to $13,000.

Why have Auto Basics install a Water Watch system ?

Incredibly easy to use
Audio visual alarm to warn you before water entering your fuel system 
Accurate detection of water
Does not affect the fuel flow rate
No servicing required
It will save you $$$ in repairs
Models are available for all diesel engines
…and its Australian Made!
For more information about Water Watch, call our friendly team 02 6280 6075.
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