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Super Quiet Generators – For Play

For caravanning and camping power, Honda portable power is the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors with all the comforts of the great indoors. With caravans becoming more and more sophisticated, the need for consistent, reliable power is greater than ever before. Portable generators like the EU series are also ideal for concerts, parties, trade shows, and more.

Deluxe Generators - For Home

When the lights go out, it’s more than just an inconvenience. Power outages can also result in a financial loss due to spoiled food, lost work time, broken pipes, and even water damage to buildings and furniture. A quiet, reliable Honda generator can easily help keep your family safe and secure through power related emergencies. It can also be used to charge your 12-volt car battery.

Industrial Generators - For Work

Why are Honda generators number one of the job? Ease, reliability, and durability. On construction sites, time is money; crews can’t afford to be idle due to lack of power on a site. Minimal downtime plus minimal maintenance equals a profitable business.

Lawn Mowers

There is nothing like a perfectly groomed lawn to make your place the envy of the street. Fresh, green grass cut to perfection can make a house look incredible, but you’ll need the right tools to get that perfect finish. So, before you attempt to tame your lawn with a pair of scissors, take a look out the range of Honda lawn mowers.


Keeping your garden neat and tidy isn't always easy. That's why Honda created the Versatool™ to take on a variety of domestic and professional tasks all year round. Two models are available with a choice of extensions and attachments, making them incredibly convenient and versatile for a wide variety of applications. 



Brush Cutters

Boasting the latest in Honda's ultra-compact, lightweight, 4-Stroke engines, these brush cutters require no fuel mixing. Quiet and very easy to start, they produce low emissions and less noise than their two-stroke counterparts. 

Handheld Range

With a lightweight design and offering quick power, the Honda handheld range makes garden maintenance effortless. 

Water Pumps

Honda offers centrifugal, submersible and diaphragm pumps. From small pumps to heavy duty trash pumps, Honda water pumps provide outstanding performance. You’ll find pumps for water, chemical and trash transfer, fire fighting, pressure cleaning, submersible applications and more.

Volume Pumps

Trash Pumps


Why are Honda engines so popular for outdoor power equipment? Not only are they reliable and easy to start, their fuel efficient performance helps you get things done right. 
  • GX Mini Four-Stroke
  • GC Series
  • GSV Series
  • GX Series
  • GXV Series
  • GX V-Twin series
  • GP Series


The versatile Honda tiller range is light and compact, powered by Hondas four stroke engine and forward and reverse gears. Thanks to superior engineering, Honda tillers produce less noise and smoke, and with their user-friendly design, Honda tillers are easier to handle.
  • FG110
  • F220
  • F501
  • FR750
  • FRC800
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